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Therapy The Game - Gambit Games LLC

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Brand: Gambit Games LLC


  • Updated 2013 edition
  • More than 3 million sold worldwide
  • Includes many new, thought-provoking and hilarious questions
  • Six stages of life and Thinkblots
  • For 3 to 6 players or teams, ages 13 and up


Details: Updated in 2013, the current version of Therapy the Game includes a host of new, thought-provoking and hilarious questions. In Therapy the Game, you move through the six stages of life answering fascinating and fun questions about everyday life. As you move your therapist's couch from Infancy to Seniority and stages between, you answer Insight questions drawn from actual psychological research (footnotes included). Along the way you'll land in your opponents' therapy offices and they'll land in yours -- you get to be the therapist, and the patient. This is where you'll find out how well you know your friends and family, and how well they know you. You go into Group Therapy with other players and find out surprising things about them, and yourself. You guess what most people see in Therapy Thinkblot pictures, and (if your issues are severe enough) find a way out of Psychosis! Be the first player to get one peg from each stage of life -- filling up your therapy couch -- and then reach the finish space, and you win! Includes game board, 360 Stages of Life cards, 90 Therapy cards, 30 Thinkblots cards, Thinkblots booklet, 6 Therapy-couch movers, 36 Stages of Life pegs, 2 game dice, and game instructions. Therapy the Game is a registered trademark of Gambit Games Inc.

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