Psych Outlet 

An ‘About Us’ Report


Psych Outlet was established to cater to a growing population of individuals who are focused on improving the world; one research project, and one client at a time. Our objective is to develop a central online location where psych-minded students and professionals can find the best range of psychology themed clothing, jewellery, art and accessories to express their inner selves.



        Psychology is not only the study of the mind and behaviour ("APA Dictionary of Psychology", 2020); for many people, psychology is their life, love, and passion! For this reason, Psych Outlet has created a broad range of carefully selected, and stylishly stand-out, psychology themed products and accessories, to provide happiness to those that wish to express their unique personalities (Matz, Gladstone & Stillwell, 2016). Our aim is to provide the best range of psychology themed products that we hope will provide a level of joy that will inspire, empower and enthuse! Whether you’re purchasing something for yourself (Atalay & Meloy, 2011Rick, Pereira & Burson, 2014), or someone you care about (Dunn, Aknin & Norton, 2008), we hypothesize that our range will lead to significantly increased levels of customer satisfaction, and get your dopamine flowing!



        To create the optimal online shopping experience, we focus on systematically revising and improving our store’s appearance and user-friendliness, as well as product variables such as our range, quality, design and price. We carefully source and select only the best psychology themed products and designs available worldwide, and combine these with our ever increasing range of original, exclusively designed and manufactured Psych Outlet items. Lastly, we hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard and are constantly trying to refine our service so that all Psych Outlet customers have the best experience possible.



        After testing numerous product concepts and variations, we offer a range of collections from clothing and jewellery to office accessories and wall prints. This creates a unique shopping experience for the psychologically minded population of students and professionals, as well as the sub-population of geeks who love anything quirky. As hypothesised, Psych Outlet have shown significant levels of customer satisfaction, as indicated by numerous self report measures (Coming  Soon: link to satisfied and positive customer reviews, 2020), and a 5-point likert scale score (Google Review Rating, 2020).



        Psych Outlet strives to offer the best range of psychology themed products and accessories available, but we believe there is always room for improvement. Although we may think we’ve found a broad and balanced range of interesting psychological products, colors and designs, there are limitations to our range due to product variable combinations. As such, we’re always looking to further our product range and designs by exploring new ideas and concepts. If you notice any limitations in our product line, we implore you to contact us with your suggestions at We’re always open to peer reviews, and would love to help you express your love of psychology in a way that complements your individual style! Furthermore, if you are unable to order any of our products due to international shipping restrictions, please let us know so we can rectify the issue. Our future is in responding to the needs of the ever-evolving population of people who seek our uniquely psychological shopping experience.



        Whether you’re looking to buy a psychology themed gift for a family member or friend, or just as a reward to yourself for being the awesome person that you are, Psych Outlet’s dedication to providing the best range of products will have what you’re looking for!