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Set of 5 Women Psychologist Magnets

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  • Acrylic magnets approximately 3.5 by 2 inches
  • full magnetic sheet backing
  • Nice addition to your office or home
  • Great gift for psychologists, teachers and students

Details: Where are the women in psychology? We hope to help answer this question. Psychology is a relatively new science and throughout history, women have had difficulty being part of science due to gender expectations. We have taken regular polls at many psychology conferences and found that these are SOME of the notable women psychologists. Mary Whiton Calkins- first woman to be president of the APA Margaret Washburn- first woman to be granted a Phd. in psychology- lots of research on animals Karen Horney- offered an alternative to Freud's theory psychoanalysis Mary Ainsworth- Attachment styles- developmental psychology Mamie Phipps Clark- White doll/ black doll study- opened a large and thriving clinic Each of the magnets are approximately 3.5 inches in height and 2 inches in width. They are made of acrylic with magnetic sheet backing. They are our art work renditions of each of the women. Nice for your office and as a tool for inspiration.