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B.F. Skinner Magnet Set

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Brand: Anatomology


  • Acrylic Magnet depicting B.F. Skinner, full magnetic sheet backing
  • The magnets measure from 2.7 to 3.2 inches in height
  • A great gift for your psychology loving friends.

Details: B.F. Skinner has won countless awards for his contributions to the field of psychology. He is well known for his Skinner Box experiments, radical behaviorism and his many books, one of the most famous being Walden Two. This magnet set is a celebration of this great man. One is a full length version of our original artwork portraying him and the other is a fun illustration his skinner box. The full length version measures approximately 3.2 inches in height and the skinner box is approximately 2.7 inches in height. The are made of acrylic and they have full magnet sheet backing. They would look nice on your refrigerator or file cabinet.