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Almost Life Size Sigmund Freud

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Brand: Anatomology


  • 5 foot tall Sigmund Freud
  • Made of felt- looks amazing on the wall- better than a sticker or paper
  • Great gift for your Psychology loving friends.

Details: We know this is just what you have always wanted to have hanging on your wall. And if you do not think so, then it is just because you have repressed the IDea. (psychology joke-did you get it?) Anyway, this is our original artwork of Sigmund Freud and we have printed it on a really cool felt material. It measures approximately 5 feet in height and 2. 5 feet in width. You can attach it to stucco with spray adhesive or, you could use thumbtacks in various places. It probably won't hang with tape, but we are you could use your right brain to think of something that will work on your particular type of wall.